Clinical Supervision

Learning is lifelong for speech & language pathologists. Speak for Yourself offers clinical supervision for individual clinicians and organisations to support continuous improvement of clinical practice. This is completed directly with Sebastian Caon-Cook, who has 9+ years experience working in speech & language pathology. This has been mostly in the areas of disability, complex communication needs and AAC, as well as primary and secondary education. Find out more about Sebastian’s clinical background here.

Clinical supervision may be appropriate for;

  • new graduate clinicians
  • early career clinicians
  • clinicians entering a new area of practice
  • clinicians needing support with complex clinical cases

Supervision can consist of;

  • telehealth support (e.g. regular or one-off meetings via Zoom or telephone)
  • meeting face-to-face in our clinic or in community locations.
  • work shadowing and observations (either observing our sessions, or partaking in yours)
  • assisting in the completion of assessments and developing treatment plans
  • guidance and advice for clinicians establishing their own private practice
  • group supervision

Speech Pathology Australia provides the following guidance on their website regarding supervision;

  • An employer has the responsibility to ensure that staff are adequately trained and supported to perform their role, and advises that appropriate supervision needs to be provided for their employees.
  • The minimum frequency recommended for new graduate SLP’s with 2 or less years experience is 60 minutes per week. Clinicians with more experience who are entering a new field of practice may benefit from this same frequency for a period of time.
  • The minimum frequency for SLP’s with 2+ years experience in direct practice is 60 minutes every 2-4 weeks, commensurate with hours worked.

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